Chimney Repairs In Northampton

Chimney installations and repairs

At Advanced Roofing Services Northampton we undertake a range of both residential and commercial chimney repairs and installations.

We undertake many different types of repairs on chimneys including chimney repointing, chimney repairs, lead work, lead flashings, chimney rebuilds, chimney removals and much more.

A chimney takes the full force of the weather meaning over time they become damaged, cracked and can even become a health & safety hazard to the homeowners and passers-by.

If the leadwork of a chimney has become damaged this can lead to water ingress as it runs down the roof, into the loft space of your home. This overtime will cause dampness in your property which can result in costly internal property repairs.

We have over 30 years of experience working throughout Northampton, Kettering, Bletchley, Harpole, Long-Buckby & the surrounding areas.

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Insurance work

When your property is affected by something as destructive as a fire or a storm, we understand how difficult and upsetting this period of time can be. Therefore we provide a sensitive and discreetly efficient service which provides comfort and reassurance that your property is on the road to recovery.

We specialise in completing insurance repairs for residential buildings based throughout Northamptonshire and the West Midlands.

What are the benefits of chimney repairs?

Advanced Roofing Nottingham are experts in all aspects of roofing including Chimney Repairs. We understand the importance of regular chimney repairs. Many people forget about their chimneys once they are installed, they don’t expect there to be many issues but, in a household, the chimney can create a lot of problems if not maintained and repaired when needed. There are benefits of keeping your roof in top condition, these include:

  • Reduces the potential for chimney fires – When chimneys are installed, nobody thinks of it catching fire. This is more common than people think. The chimney is responsible for containing and helping control the fire in your home. If there is debris or possibly a bird’s nest in the chimney, they can catch fire and cause horrendous and in some cases irreversible damage. By simply cleaning the chimney, the risk reduces dramatically. Advanced Roofing Nottingham can provide a full chimney clean and help to maintain the property and keep you safe.
  • Prevent hazardous gasses from leaking into your property – Often, with new chimneys that are installed, they come with a carbon monoxide alarm that detects and alerts you if there is carbon monoxide is leaking through the fire. Older fires don’t come with this alarm and that can be fatal to those in the house. To keep your family safe, it is vitally important to get your chimney inspected and if needed, repaired regularly. By doing this, it can identify your problems early on and not cost the earth to fix them as well as prevent them becoming a serious issue.
  • Avoid expensive repairs in the future – By keeping on top of the repairs that a chimney will require, helps to keep the general running cost low. If problems are left untreated, they will grow into more serious issues which will be expensive to resolve and therefore cause you more stress. A simple maintenance job twice a year can prevent this.

If you would like to find out more information about our service or wish to arrange a free no-obligation quote then please call us on: 07702 097 681

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